June 22, 2009

Urban Honolulu Street Art

A close-up photograph of some painted street art from downtown Honolulu, HI.

RSM Design has been working with an international team of developers, designers and consultants on the re-development concepts for a progressive urban mixed-use neighborhood in downtown Honolulu. It is conceived to be a community-driven urban outdoor environment that combines artists lofts, local retail and boutique shops, unique markets and other uses intertwined with urban parks, gardens and plazas.

The goal of this creative development has been to provide a destination geared for locals to grow and thrive in their education, careers and lifestyle while embracing both their cultural Hawaiian heritage and the opportunities of the future. Artist communities, active lifestyle and sustainable practices all come together to fuel local Hawaiian culture.

To kick start the process, RSM researched, created and implemented street art installations inspired by local surf spots to enhance the familiarity and inviting place-making experience. The use of stencil street art in the graphic create a textural, versatile, urban and integrated visual uniqueness to the project that celebrates the culture and creativity of the area.

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