June 05, 2009

RSMU: Illustrator Gets Back to the Basics

A typographic treatment of keyboard shortcuts typically used in Adobe Illustrator

This week RSM University was led by senior designer “Professor” DJ Thomas on useful tools in Adobe Illustrator. Yes, our team is already expert at this program, however DJ started designing on the original version of Illustrator (for all of you youngsters, this was way back in 1988) and thought he would share his extensive knowledge on some original tools that may get overlooked due to advancements in the program over the years. All-in-all it was a fun round of team learning and will make us even more efficient in our work practices in the future. Thanks DJ for the dose of enlightenment!

FYI – In his spare time, DJ is a professor at Palomar College and has taught Typography Design for the last 9 years.

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