August 03, 2009

RSM University Welcomes Interns!

RSM Design welcomes three new interns to the San Clemente office

RSM Design would like  you to meet our summer interns, Graham, Elizabeth and Cooper. The trio are all imports from Dallas and Houston, and will be entering their senior year of high school this fall.

Here to learn the day-to-day functions of working in an environmental graphic design firm, they have so far taken part in attending business meetings, design research and the joys of computer and tech management.

Working in a hip design firm for the summer is  not only fun and educational, but our location in San Clemente, California also has its perks. When they aren’t researching new projects and fixing servers, the three can be found hanging out at the beach, cruising on the boat, having bonfires and filling up on local Mexican food and our town’s tasty Velvet Yogurt.

RSM Design heartily welcomes our interns and hope that they have learned a lot and had some fun at the same time!

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