September 21, 2020

Connecting People to Place · Part 3 of 4

The arch at Tustin Legacy, designed by RSM Design.

To be truly effective, the designs have to engage at every human level – the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit

The Motivations of the Whole Person

As architectural graphic designers, every new project is rich with opportunities to help connect people to places. Not only is RSM Design mindful of the multiple intelligences that motivate people wherever they may venture, our Design Leadership Process is governed by principles that truly puts people at the center of every design decision.

By tapping into each of the intelligences above, we aim to create places and experiences that are mindful of the whole person. Creating a holistic connection of people to place is our ultimate goal by utilizing a process that follows these same four motivations.


Mental Intelligence

Creating environments that encourage people to think and mentally engage with a place. Information plaques and signage as well as historical markers help facilitate mental engagement.

Knowing what the right things to do are before doing them right.

San Ysidro Port of Entry, San Diego, California. Image Credit: Allison Richter Photography


Spiritual Intelligence

Connection to ideas bigger than one’s self and the ability to think creatively beyond what is seen and experienced on a daily basis.

The desire to seek purpose and meaning, and to have accountability in what we design.

Crafting solutions based on principles & values.

First and Broadway Park, Los Angeles, California. Rendering: RSM Design.


Physical Intelligence

Creating places that encourage connection with the environment through physical engagement. Wayfinding signage helps people navigate and engage in their environments and encourages physical mobility.

The end pre-exists in the means... the process will determine the product.

Parasol Park, Great Park Neighborhoods, Irvine, California. Image Credit: Allison Richter Photography.


Emotional Intelligence

Creating environments that invite communication and social interaction with others. Placemaking elements and specialty graphics enrich the environment and encourage emotional connections.

Creating places people love.

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