April 19, 2017

Balboa Park Botanical Building

The Balboa Park Botanical Building in San Diego, California

Located along the picturesque coast of San Diego, Balboa Park reigns as one of the largest cultural parks in the United States.  An oasis in the city, and host to over 14,000,000 visitors per year, the park’s attractions include 1,200 acres featuring 15 museums, 19 gardens, 9 performing arts groups, and a host of other park amenities.

The Botanical Building within the park is one of the most visited destinations, due to its striking historic architecture and beautiful gardens. RSM Design has joined the team to create a subtle family of signage to recognize the donors, educate the public about the plants, and help identify the gardens. Using a mix of natural materials and weathered accents, the signage helps guide visitors into and around the building and complements the historic architecture and natural beauty of the gardens.

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