April 10, 2009

Ancient Environmental Graphics at the Pyramids and Stonehenge?

Martin Schwartz in front of the Great Sphinx in Giza

Martin and Harry went on an archaeological search looking for the origins of ancient branding and environmental graphics at the Great Pyramids (on the back of camels no less) and then at Stonehenge. OK, OK, truth be told…..they took a few days off to do a bit of site seeing while in Egypt recently. On their return trip from Abu Dhabi (to present the concept identity designs for Ferrari World) the two did a bit of marketing and interviewed for a new exciting project in Cairo – will get back to you on that project. Then, they took advantage of a lengthy layover in London to search again for the origins of mystical environmental graphics at Stonehenge. There are advantages to layovers at Heathrow after all! So, you must be wondering…..did they find the origins of environmental graphics?

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