February 23, 2012

5th Annual Chili Cook Off Gets Heated!

RSM Design's poster for the 5th Annual Chili Cook Off

The Friday before Super Bowl weekend, as has become the tradition, members of the RSM team participated in the annual Chili Cook-Off. Six chili entries simmered throughout the morning filling the office with mouthwatering and somewhat distracting, rich and spicy aromas. Once our eager stomachs could wait no longer, the tasting began.

Chilis ranged from sweet to spicy, from meaty to veggie, and some new comers included chuck roast, curry and molasses as special ingredients. As each team member ate to their heartburn’s content, there was chit-chatter, laughter and hovering as speculation grew over which chili might take home the coveted award. Each one was unique and scrumptious and the task at hand proved to be a tough decision.

Alas at the end of the day, Kyle’s spicy chuck roast chili was the grand prize winner, making him champ for the THIRD time out of five cook offs! It was unmistakably delicious to boot and once again well-deserved. Congratulations to all who competed in making it a hard choice and a huge extra thank you to the rest of the team who brought all the fixin’s for the chili!

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