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Graphic Connections in Architecture

The psychology of design is an essential ingredient in connecting people to place. More than simply decorating the side of a building, architectural graphic design is critical to establishing the purpose of a space, the visitor’s place within it, and helping to shape the overall experience. Architectural graphic design is about creating a vocabulary of design elements that reinforces the architecture and helps define the context for a place that people will connect with. Subtleties in design can have a huge impact. A different typeface can completely change the vibe of a place. A well-placed bench can bring moments of comfort. A cool graphic can inspire selfies in the parking lot. These are the emotional connections that drive people, the unconscious aspects that create resonance and transform a visit into an experience. The creative work of RSM Design is the transformative process that turns bricks, glass, steel, and concrete into a place with soul and style. We create places for people to linger, we guide them to new destinations, we facilitate shared experiences. Design is more than an aesthetic overlay and goes beyond making environmental elements look good to express the essence of a place and profoundly connect it to the people that will inhabit and visit the place. The work of RSM Design lives at the intersection of the grandeur of architecture.


A collaborative effort by the RSM Design team, past & present


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About the Authors

Suzanne Redmond Schwartz and Martin Schwartz founded the San Clemente studio in 1997. They joined teams with Harry Mark Architect’s office in Dallas to form the combined studio of Redmond Schwartz Mark Design in 1999. Together they direct the design process and management of the studio, complementing each other’s strengths. With Martin’s experience in vision, leadership, and management, the firm develops creative solutions that satisfy the projects needs of innovation, time, and budget. Suzanne and Harry combine their creative talents to direct the integration of the different design disciplines within the studio. Their backgrounds as graphic designer and architect respectively play key roles continuously throughout a project’s development from the initial vision and concepts through to the production and fabrication process to ensure the design’s integrity is maintained.

About the Studio

The studio purposely operates in a multitude of broad disciplines of design, and services include many related aspects of a truly integrated design approach. We provide the best design services to all of our clients, while continuing to take on more challenging projects. The team is currently working on a range of design projects in such diverse locations as Egypt, Abu Dhabi, China, Brazil, Germany, and the United States. The projects range in scale from packaging and logo design to large mixed-use entertainment developments and urban planning. RSM Design selectively engages in diverse projects that offer a variety of scales and programs to challenge ourselves to continuously generate unique and innovative solutions.

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Graphic Connections in Architecture

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