Healthcare Design and Assisted Living Centers

Logo Design, Identity, Environmental Graphic Design, Monumentation, Wayfinding, Master Signage Programs

RSM Design creates identity signage and wayfinding programs that address the unique opportunities that the healthcare sector presents. Whether for hospital signage or medical school signage, wellness center wayfinding, or education campus placemaking, RSM Design begins with meticulous and thorough research. From there the team uncovers architectural graphic design solutions that are both functional and innovative, providing a sense of ease and comfort to visitors and patients.

The creative team creates wayfinding and master signage systems that carry the institution’s brand identity throughout the healthcare campus and makes a potentially stressful visit to a relaxing and empowering experience. Through creative placemaking and environmental graphic design, RSM Design transforms even the most confusing or complicated healthcare spaces into engaging guest experiences.


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UC Riverside – Riverside, CA
The City of Dana Point – Dana Point, CA
Environmental Graphic Design University of the Pacific Education Interior Wayfinding Graphics Signage
University of the Pacific – San Francisco, CA
Environmental Graphic Design SDSU Aztec Student Center wall mounted building identity
SDSU Aztec Student Union – San Diego, CA
UC Riverside Recreation Center Environmental Graphic Design exterior directional arena mac gym
UC Riverside Recreation Center – Riverside, CA