Old Parkland Campus

Dallas, TX

Environmental Graphic Design

The Old Parkland Campus, whose rich history dates back to the late 1800s, strives to inspire the leaders of today with an intellectual story. Crow Holdings bought the 100+ year old buildings in 2006 and aimed to restore and expand the site into a functioning corporate campus. RSM Design was brought onto a team of architects and historians during the preliminary vision phase. RSM Design’s role was to organize and deliver a document that translated the client’s innovative ideas about the American Experiment into a plan that defined locations, content, and precedent imagery for an environmental graphics system of signage, wayfinding, and historical placemaking elements. The campus is divided into four concepts centered around prominent historical thinkers– James Madison and Liberty, John Locke and Natural Rights, George Washington and Working Government, and Adam Smith and Human Nature. RSM Design formalized the plan for implementing these four themes into the site, utilizing creative and referential elements such as, historical motifs, paving graphics, reflection pools, and bronze statues.

  • Client
    Crow Holdings