Forum Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Environmental Graphic Design

The site of Forum Cuernavaca wasn’t always the vibrant and engaging shopping center it is now. In recent history it was the site of a massive sewing factory, and when the developer, GICSA, purchased the property, it was important that they preserve the structure of the original factory as much as possible. RSM Design became part of the adaptive reuse team to develop a brand, as well as a system of graphics and wayfinding for the site. The design was driven by the complicated site plan. Sign locations and messaging were top concerns in the process. RSM Design started by designating a system of colors and patterns to help users create a clear mental map of the project. The repurposed water tower served a landmark for both vehicular and pedestrian visitors. RSM Design was inspired by the textiles embedded in the site’s history and the cut-out detail in the signage design connected the past to the present . Additionally, taking (literal) queues from the existing site, RSM Design repurposed hundreds of sewing machines into art installations throughout the center.

  • Client
  • Architect
    Field Paoli Architects
  • Landscape Architect
    Studio Outside