Miami Waterfront: Recent Competition Win!

RSM Design and Savino & Miller Design Studio collaborated to create a brand, wayfinding, and urban planning approach that celebrated, connected, and conserved the Miami Waterfront.

Transform the Waterfront into a local and international destination to celebrate Miami’s unique heritage, create access from the diversity of neighborhoods, and generate legacy for years to come.

1. Undeveloped/Private land creates pedestrian obstructions
2. Road infrastructure creates disconnected paths
3. Disrepair and general pathway conditions
4. No consistency in unifying pathway elements
5. No established brand

The brand is built on the inspiration of the mangrove, a symbol of resiliency, legacy, and preservation of the  waterfront.  The ever changing gradient color palette expresses the vibrant character and uniqueness of each district.  Together the brand kit-of-parts serves to create a signature  palette that will guide, orient, and excite the entire waterfront  experience.

The big idea was to create the framework for a living brand campaign that allowed for each resident, visitor, or tourist to become an active participant in the life, soul, and voice of the waterfront. At the root of the campaign would be a vibrant curated art program, programmed events, dynamic posters, and streetscape graphics along with a dedicated website and app that will be the central hub of the “see and be seen.”

“It’s not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is.”

–Marty Neumeier

The diverse competition team created a palette of unifying design elements that would create an ever-changing recipe of brand defining palettes for the waterfront. RSM Design created the project-wide wayfinding and placemaking elements that expressed a continuous ribbon of color, pattern, and light that wove this once disjointed walk into an international destination that everyone could be proud of and enjoy.

RSM Design and Savino & MIller Design Studio are embarking on a journey to develop the next great global destination for Miami. Follow the process through the RSM Design blog in the coming months. The project will begin with a series of public and stakeholder engagement stages. Every rich outcome begins with a synergistic and democratic process of design. Stay tuned…