Hands On Map Making Workshop

September 9, 2013 Inspiration, RSM 160, RSM Lab 0 Comments

As part one of our three part internal series on map making, I  organized a workshop that forced us to use our hands, think fast and improvise.

Each team was given a bag of supplies to create their map with— anything from a very small water molecule to a map of the entire United States. The goal was to work collaboratively and stretch our creative skill set in a variety of ways.

In 30 minutes, each group picked a favorite from their “location” cards and built their map from a limited set of supplies. Check out our handy work below.

California Coastline:
Polaroid Camera and Push-Pins
Jeff Hertzler

I-5 to 160 Avenida Cabrillo:
Wire, watercolor and little tiny pieces of paper
Leon Wood and Will Heinze

Small Post-Its and Highlighters
Kyle Richter and Cory Clinton

Water Molecule:
Rubberbands, labels, Riverside County map, balloon, rub-off letters circa 1991, exacto knife, two unsharpened pencils and masking tape.
Stephanie Wills

Shops on Del Mar, San Clemente, CA:
Black, White, Green and Purple Play-Doh
Jaime Gonzalez and Kelly Erheart

Cellar Cookies:
Black paper, white-out, scissors, Sharpies and plastic ties
Marianne Caupers and Ashley Zwar