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Brand New Digs for RSM Design’s Los Angeles Studio

October 3, 2018 Fun, Los Angeles 1 Comment

The Los Angeles studio of RSM Design has moved to a new location in the heart of Old Town Pasadena. Situated off of Raymond Avenue and Colorado Boulevard, tucked in Plotkin Alley, and surrounded by Pasadena favorites such as King's…

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RSM Design Celebrates 20 Years!

April 12, 2017 Fun, RSM 160 0 Comments

RSM DESIGN IS EXCITED TO CELEBRATE OUR 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. FOR TWO DECADES, WE’VE FOSTERED MEANINGFUL CONNECTION BETWEEN PEOPLE AND PLACE. RSM Design has been a thought leader in Environmental Graphics, pushing boundaries, fueling innovation and creating change. From the start,…

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Greensboro Celebrates LeBauer Park Opening

August 24, 2016 Community, Fun 0 Comments

Earlier this month, Greensboro, NC welcomed its newest park to town. LeBauer Park was the vision of Carolyn LeBauer, who passed away in 2012, but left a fund to the Community Foundation of Greensboro with the instructions to "build a spectacular…

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RSM’s 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off

February 6, 2015 Fun 0 Comments

Designers Trade in Their Computers for Crock Pots On Friday, January 30, 2015 the rich aromas of slow cooking meats and spices took over our offices for the eighth year in a row. This year we had seven brave competitors…

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Creating Identity through Art

October 4, 2013 Fun, Inspiration, RSM 160 1 Comment

Urban signage, Community Branding, Abstract Wayfinding… I'm not quite sure what to call it, but these artistic expressions have begun to dramatically transform the slums to which they are applied. Creating pride and a positive association to place within the…

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Summit Bechtel Reserve BSA Jamboree 2013

Last month the Boy Scouts of America held the 2013 National Jamboree at the new Summit Bechtel Reserve site.  Nearly 40,000 scouts, leaders, volunteers and visitors visited the high adventure site for the 10-day event.   The RSM team worked…

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Cambodian Dorm Project

Leon recently went to Cambodia, here's a post on his trip: During the first week of March, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Cambodia with a group of good friends to participate in a design trip and site…

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Happy Holidays from RSM

December 17, 2012 Fun 14 Comments

Giving back to our community In this season of generosity and good cheer, RSM donated 500 pairs of new socks to the Family Assistance Ministry of Orange County which provides shoes and socks to local underprivileged children. The socks will…

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15 Years of RSM

October 30, 2012 Fun 0 Comments

In 2012, Redmond Schwartz Mark Design celebrated it 15th year with a fun and funky formal. Here's to many more years to come…

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The Bund

The Wanda Plaza at the Bund in Shanghai is the next flagship plaza for one of China's leading retail developers, Dalian Wanda Group. RSM was invited to join HPP Architects to design a unique and iconic brand for the center,…

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5th Annual Chili Cook Off Gets Heated!

February 23, 2012 Fun

The Friday before Super Bowl weekend, as has become the tradition, members of the RSM team participated in the annual Chili Cook-Off. Six chili entries simmered throughout the morning filling the office with mouthwatering and somewhat distracting, rich and spicy…

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‘Undercover Boss’ Staring UCR Letters

The UCR Chancellor, Tim White, appeared on CBS's 'Undercover Boss' on May 10th. The promo from the episode features the UCR letters RSM designed for the student commons on campus. We're excited to see the sculptural letters have become an…

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Minutes of Fame Remaining … 14

March 29, 2011 Fun, News + Noteworthy 1 Comment

If you've been tuning into NBC on Sunday nights, you might have seen some familiar faces on the new reality TV show, America's Next Great Restaurant. If you blinked, you might have missed us, but we promise... we're there! The…

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World Expo in Shanghai

July 8, 2010 Fun, Inspiration 0 Comments

On their most recent trip to China, Harry and Martin actually stopped working for a day, set the computers aside, put on their most comfortable shoes, and headed out to one of the most exciting Expo events to come along…

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Third Annual Chili Cook-Off

April 1, 2010 Fun 0 Comments

Some members of the RSM team brought in their own chili concoctions to challenge each other in our Third Annual Chili Cook-Off. Ashley’s secret weapon of choice was liquid smoke and tequila, which created a tantalizing smoky taste to her…

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Smiles in Honduras

March 17, 2010 Fun, News + Noteworthy 0 Comments

Having the scale and scope to give back globally as well as actively participate in our community, RSM Outreach focuses primarily on childhood malnutrition and basic education and shelter for people with few resources. RSM Outreach recently worked with a local orphanage…

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Giving Back…

February 16, 2010 Fun, News + Noteworthy 2 Comments

Having the scale and scope to give back globally as well as actively participate in our community, RSM Outreach focuses primarily on childhood malnutrition and basic education and shelter for people with few resources. RSM Outreach works closely with the Pan American…

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Exploring China

February 16, 2010 Fun, Inspiration 0 Comments

During Harry's most recent trip to China he visited one of RSM's graphics project's, Marina City, in Qingdao opening in April 2010 (check back for more on that...) while also meeting in our Shanghai office. On his travels throughout China,…

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Vans “Off the Wall” Winners

January 22, 2010 Fun 0 Comments

The Vans "Off the Wall" winners have been announced! The Vans judging panel selected the winners for the following four categories including Marketability, Creativity, Originality, and “Off the Wall” Attitude. Each winner received a chance to design their own custom…

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RSMU Explores Color Theory

January 19, 2010 Fun, RSM Lab 0 Comments

While munching on colorful macaroons, (thanks Caleb) the RSM team presented their individual research on color. Color Theory applies to all aspects of our everyday life- from selecting a paint color for a room, the way contrast on a sign…

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RSM Off the Wall!

December 11, 2009 Fun, RSM Lab 0 Comments

RSM teams up with Vans marketing for a competition in shoe design. Each designer was given one pair of white canvas shoes and a set of design parameters, including marketability, creativity, originality, and "off the wall" attitude. However, the only…

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RSM University Welcomes Interns!

August 3, 2009 Fun, RSM 160, RSM Lab 0 Comments

RSM Design would like  you to meet our summer interns, Graham, Elizabeth and Cooper. The trio are all imports from Dallas and Houston, and will be entering their senior year of high school this fall. Here to learn the day-to-day…

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RSMU: Illustrator Gets Back to the Basics

June 5, 2009 Fun, RSM 160, RSM Lab 0 Comments

This week RSM University was led by senior designer "Professor" DJ Thomas on useful tools in Adobe Illustrator. Yes, our team is already expert at this program, however DJ started designing on the original version of Illustrator (for all of…

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